The temperature of the preservation cabinet is generally adjusted to 2 to 8 degrees

which can store fruits, drinks, leftovers, vegetables, eggs and so on. Reasonable adjustment of the refrigerator refrigeration and freezing temperature, under the premise of ensuring normal functional use, can also reduce energy consumption, reduce the functional loss of the refrigerator, and prolong the service life.

As we all know, the preservation cabinet is used to store fresh fruit food, for this reason, the temperature is relatively low compared to the outside world. There is no specific temperature standard for the preservation cabinet, as long as the freezer can reach minus 18 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, the temperature of the preservation cabinet is put on the 3rd gear in the spring and autumn, the temperature in the summer can be hit to 1 or 2nd gear, and the winter is 4 or 5th gear, which can achieve the purpose of food preservation and power saving.

In addition, the temperature of preservation of different kinds of food is also different. Depending on the variety of fruits and vegetables, there are different optimal preservation temperatures. Compared with vegetables 8 degrees, and meat can be lower, generally around 2-4 degrees. Moreover, the refrigerated preservation temperature of fruits and vegetables is also affected by seasonal changes, which also requires that the temperature of fruit and vegetable cabinets in different seasons is different. winter

Our refrigeration effect generally requires control between 0-10 degrees, but generally in winter, because the temperature is low, so that refrigeration is easy to reach the set temperature, so our temperature is generally adjusted to more than 4 gears to be appropriate. When the general ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, we can adjust the cabinet temperature to 5 gears; if the ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it is even more necessary to adjust upwards, which can be adjusted to 6-7 gears, which can also save electricity and facilitate cooling. summer

And when the summer ambient temperature is very high, at this time, the temperature inside our crisper cabinet will drop very hard, and the boot time will become longer, and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, we need to adjust the temperature of the safe again, we adjust the temperature to 2-3 gears, our compressor does not need to work so hard, and it will not be so easy to damage, so that it can also save energy.


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