When driving, cleaning the windshield is very important. If there are stains or water spots on the windshield, it can easily block the driver’s view. At this time, the function of the wiper is very important, especially when it rains. However, since wipers inevitably deteriorate due to exposure to wind and sun, how often should they be replaced?

The replacement time of the wiper is unstable, which is determined by the quality of the wiper, the use environment and the degree of maintenance. The most important thing is whether the wipers can wipe the water off the glass. Due to long-term exposure to sunlight and rain erosion, wipers are prone to aging. After aging, they cannot clean the water from the glass.
In order to maintain a good driving vision, wipers are usually replaced every six months to a year, but there are some good wipers that can last longer. When servicing the car, the wipers can be erected directly. After cleaning, you can directly feel the rubber sheet of the wiper with your hands. If aging, hardness and cracks are felt, it needs to be replaced immediately.


Wiper wipers are accessories to the car’s exterior that have been corroded by environmental factors since they were installed. The deterioration process of the wiper is manifested in the following aspects:

1. Rain

2. Corrosion of stent coating immersed in rainwater and cleaning solution (containing acid or alkali, etc.). );

3. Soaking in rainwater and cleaning liquid (containing acid or alkali) will corrode the tape;

4. Paraffin or car exhaust (oil); (jitter and pollution)

5. Cold and low temperature (ice and snow); (making the tape hard and brittle)

6. High temperature (windshield, sunlight) causes the rubber to crack and harden;

7. Tape damage (ultraviolet, ozone);

8. The rocker arm pressure makes the rubber strip pressurized for a long time;

9. Ultraviolet rays in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight, temperature and humidity cause discoloration, brightness/intensity reduction, cracking, flaking, chalking and oxidation of stent coatings;

10. Countless round-trip work, normal wear and fatigue of the tape.

Precautions for replacing the wiper

Some cars cannot be installed with wipers after the engine is turned off. Take the public as an example. Make sure the vehicle is idling first, then turn off the engine and turn the key to the “OFF” position, but be careful not to remove the key. At this point, press the wiper lever to the “swipe” position and the wipers will swing up and stop in a vertical position before they can be replaced. After replacement, the wipers will reset when power is applied again.

After the installation is complete, it does not mean it is over. Be sure to try the effect. If your vision is blocked while driving and you cannot use the wipers to clean water stains on the glass, it is very dangerous.
When replacing a new wiper, there is no need to replace the original parts, as long as the quality can pass the test. Although the wiper is a small part, it is also related to driving safety, so you should pay attention to whether it needs to be replaced at ordinary times.


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