1.Why do you need a dishwasher

The premise of disinfecting tableware is to wash the dishes, so the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a dishwasher is its washing ability. Due to the difference in diet, Chinese kitchen tableware is difficult to wash with heavy oil, and in addition to dishes, it will also use dishes of different shades and shapes such as bowls and pots, and there are dead corners that ordinary flushing cannot reach, which requires the dishwasher to have a stronger washing ability, and at the same time it is suitable for the placement of characteristic Chinese tableware.

After the washing ability is the disinfection ability, most of the bacterial virus for high temperature resistance is poor, the use of high temperature disinfection is a common effective method, for the current new coronavirus, Academician Li Lanjuan said in an interview, the coronavirus is sensitive to heat, keep 56 ° C for 30 minutes to effectively inactivate the virus. Therefore, when purchasing a dishwasher, you should also pay attention to its high temperature disinfection function, at least to reach more than 70 ° C.

In addition to washing and disinfection capacity, the dishwasher is easy to be ignored is the drying function, many families like to use the dishwasher as a cupboard, dishwasher washing after if not dried in time, easy to form a humid and hot environment, not only affect the washing effect, but also may cause bacteria, mold secondary breeding, in turn affect health, so the dishwasher drying and ventilation function is also quite important.

2.What kind of dishwasher to choose

Amos dishwasher put good cutlery healthy level

It is related to the personal health of yourself and your family, naturally there is no room for sloppiness, choose a good dishwasher, the harvest is not only convenient, but also a reassurance. For example, this AS-DW09A dishwasher from Amos in the United States, healthy disinfection, long-lasting freshness, for you to put a good home tableware health level.

For dishes that need to be cleaned and disinfected, the Amos AS-DW09A dishwasher is equipped with an up and down double rocker spray design, with the bowl basket designed for Chinese tableware placement, using a strong high-pressure water flow to rotate the spray, the dishes to achieve a 360 ° all-round spray, strong peeling of difficult oil.

In the use of high-pressure water flow for flushing at the same time, the dishwasher in the cleaning process of the water temperature can reach up to 70 ° C, high temperature hot water can not only more effectively decompose the oil stains and meal stains on the dishes, but also play a strong bactericidal role, after experimental proof, its sterilization rate can reach more than 99.99%, cleaner and more hygienic than traditional hand washing, is the best choice for tableware cleaning and disinfection.

After the cleaning and disinfection is completed, the dishwasher will intelligently dry the dishes, use the high temperature to evaporate the remaining moisture on the surface of the tableware, keep the dishes dry and clean, and at the same time, through the dishwasher’s ventilation radiator, automatically ventilate every hour, keep the inside of the box in a dry environment, avoid odor due to long-term sweltering heat, causing secondary breeding of bacteria, so that clean tableware can be used with it.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the conventional dish cleaning and disinfection function, the Amos AS-DW09A dishwasher also provides four modes to choose from to meet the needs of different occasions, of which the rinsing mode can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, wash the dust and sludge on fruits and vegetables, and use a machine to protect the health and peace of mind of each entrance.

During special periods, physical resistance is particularly important, and it is even more necessary to do a good job of comprehensive protection to avoid disease from entering the mouth. Amos AS-DW09A dishwasher, while washing dishes and dishes, effectively disinfects tableware, puts good tableware health levels in the home, protects the food safety of family members, and believes that it will become a good helper for home epidemic prevention.


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