What kind of equipment is generally used in cold storage? How to choose refrigeration equipment?


Refrigeration units such as Bitzer and Copeland are generally used in cold storage, and ceiling-type air coolers and exhaust pipes can be used for internal units. Air-conditioning equipment is a special case, and the units are divided into many types.

1. Fully enclosed refrigeration compressor: The refrigeration capacity is less than 60KW, and it is mostly used in air conditioners and small cold storage refrigeration equipment.

2. Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor: The cooling capacity is 60-600KW, which can be used in various air-conditioning and cold storage refrigeration equipment.

3. Screw refrigeration compressor: Refrigeration capacity is 100-1200KW, which can be used in large and medium-sized air conditioners and cold storage refrigeration equipment.


Common cold storage types:

1. Constant temperature cold storage, storage temperature at 10-15℃, to store tropical fruits, sweet potatoes, etc.; (applicable to 60kw equipment)

2. Fresh-keeping cold storage, storage temperature at 0–5 ℃, storage of fruits, vegetables, food, medicine, etc.; (applicable to 60kw equipment)

3. Refrigerator, the storage temperature is -5–18 ℃, storing ice cream, meat products, medicine, frozen food, etc.; (applicable to 60kw equipment)

4. Freezer, the storage temperature is -18-25 ℃, seafood, food, meat products, medicinal materials, industry, etc.; (not suitable for 60kw equipment)

5. Ultra-low temperature storage, the storage temperature is -35–45 °C. Ultra-low temperature storage is generally used for dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, etc., and the freezing time required is short; (not suitable for 60kw equipment)


The following improvement plans are proposed for energy saving and electricity saving of cold storage:

1. Energy saving and power saving of refrigeration compressors

When the temperature of the cold storage decreases, the overall stability of the cold storage decreases, and the cooling capacity required in the cold storage will also become smaller. Installing a compressor that can adjust the energy in the cold storage can adjust the energy output of the compressor according to the change of the load. Thereby reducing energy consumption.

2. Selection of condenser and pressure control

1) The power consumption of the compressor comes from the Lingning temperature. When designing a cold storage, the condenser should be selected according to the specific conditions of the cold storage. The condensers are mainly divided into water condensers, air condensers and evaporative condensers.

2) According to the change of ambient temperature, such as day and night, winter and summer, when the temperature is different, adjusting the number of condenser motors to turn on can reduce the power consumption of the cold storage and achieve the effect of energy saving.

3. Compressor inverter control

According to different needs, the frequency conversion control of the refrigeration compressor motor can be conditional. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

4. Selection of thermal insulation materials

Different insulation materials have a great influence on the rate of temperature loss. It mainly depends on the structure and density of the insulation material. The thermal insulation effect is good, the cooling loss is slow, and the working time of the refrigeration compressor is short. Energy saving is more obvious.

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