Choose the best application time

Chemical weeding should follow the principle of “eliminate early and eliminate small”. The older the weeds are, the stronger the resistance to pesticides will be, and the amount of pesticides must be increased, which not only increases the cost of prevention and control, but also easily causes pesticide damage to the lawn.

Strictly control the amount of medicine and spray

When spraying stem and leaf herbicides, the concentration of the ratio is very important. You cannot simply calculate the ratio by the amount of medicine per square meter. It must be a certain amount of water strictly according to the required concentration, spray evenly, and moisten the leaves. No liquid medicine is a degree.

Pay attention to the temperature of the application time

Temperature directly affects the efficacy of herbicides. Generally speaking, the effect of pesticide application is better when the average daily temperature is above 10 degrees, and the performance of weeding at low temperature will be very slow. All herbicides should be applied on sunny days when the temperature is high (the temperature exceeds 38 degrees in summer, avoid the noon high temperature period) in order to give full play to the efficacy.

Ensure proper humidity

Whether it is the pre-emergence soil sealant or the foliage application during the growth period, soil moisture is an important factor affecting the efficacy of the drug. If the top soil layer has high humidity, it is easy to form a tight chemical soil sealing layer, and the weed seeds germinate and emerge quickly, so the control effect is high.

Improve application technology

The herbicide must be sprayed evenly, neither respray nor miss spray. The choice of herbicide spraying machinery is very important: it is necessary to choose the spray nozzle down and the atomized machinery, and it is strictly forbidden to use the high-pressure spray gun to spray straight. It is best to use herbicide sprayers to avoid damage to other crops by the liquid residue on the equipment.

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