1. Please read the manual, whether the power supply is used with the power supply, whether the ground wire and cable are available.

2. Good things that should be on the incubator and freezer. .

3. Use and label topics, classify familiar people, and prevent pollution. If partitioned, you will need to make special changes before use and cleaning. Food must not be stored in food.

4. The stored food should be frosted and stored according to the mark, do not overlap or accumulate water, and clean it to remove dirt. When the straw is 10mm, defrosting is required. Surfaces must be defrosted regularly.

5. When it is convenient, there must be enough items to park nearby, and there must be enough distance to keep a certain distance. Or gap, to the air circulation within the box immediately, to achieve the purpose quickly.

6. It is strictly forbidden to expose the heat in the heat source to the container; live in the container at one time; the residence should not be too much, there should be distance or gap, so as to leave time to circulate and reach the purpose of rapidity in the box.

7. A special person must be designated to be responsible for keeping and cleaning. Regularly check the machine function, the temperature in the box, and the food condition, and report any problems in time.

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