Reflective materials are mainly used in the field of road traffic safety such as: temporary construction signs, road signs, anti-collision buckets, road cones, body reflective signs, sanitation work clothes, traffic police uniforms, landscaping work clothes and other work clothes, cycling clothes, mountaineering clothes, Outdoor sports clothing such as jackets, children’s safety clothing, T-shirts and other ordinary clothing, pet clothing, toy ornaments, raincoats and rain gear, car clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other daily necessities, and there are many other uses. In short, the application fields of reflective materials are very wide, and reflective materials can be used in any place that needs to be eye-catching.

With the gradual expansion of the development of my country’s reflective material industry, the application of Chinese reflective materials in the sign industry began in the early 1980s. The scope of use involves a wide range of public security transportation, traffic supervision, fire protection, railways, coal mines and other departments, and labor protection articles and civilian products to ensure personal safety have begun to be widely used. After the 1990s, the domestic market of reflective materials for civilian use began to be on the right track. The fields of product application became wider and wider, and the specialties became more and more detailed. Relevant departments have respectively formulated international norms or industry standards for reflective materials for different purposes, such as: National Occupational Standard EN-47l High Visibility Warning Clothing) Road Traffic Sign Reflective Film, etc.

Western developed countries such as Europe and the United States also regard the standardized use of reflective materials as one of the important basis for safety compensation, and use regulations or encouragement to stipulate or publicize the use of reflective materials, such as those with poor visual ability in rain, fog, snow, and night. In the environment, the elderly and children must wear signs or clothing with reflective materials when going out.

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