1. Basically non-toxic and harmless.

It refers to natural decorative materials that have no or very few toxic and harmful substances, and are not polluted and only undergo simple processing. Such as gypsum, talc, sand, wood, some natural stone, etc.

2. Low toxicity and low emission type.

It refers to decorative materials that are processed and synthesized to control the accumulation and slow release of toxic and harmful substances, because of their mild toxicity and no danger to human health. Such as large core board, plywood, fiberboard, etc. with low formaldehyde emission and meeting national standards

3. Materials whose effects of toxic substances cannot be determined and evaluated by current scientific technology and testing methods.

Such as environmentally friendly latex paint, environmentally friendly paint and other chemical synthetic materials. These materials are currently non-toxic and harmless, but with the development of science and technology, there may be a possibility of re-identification in the future.

Currently popular environmentally friendly decorative materials are:

1. Environmentally friendly floor materials:

grass-planted pavement bricks are one of various porous paving products and are made of recycled high-density polyethylene.

2. Environmental protection wall material:

a newly developed aerated concrete brick, which can be cut and formed with woodworking tools, built with a thin layer of mortar, and the surface is made of special brushed pulp, which has the effect of heat resistance and energy storage.

3. Environmental protection wall decoration:

grass wallpaper, hemp wallpaper, gauze wall covering and other products, with moisturizing, insect repellent, health care and other functions.

4. Environmental protection pipe:

plastic-metal composite pipe, the inner and outer layers are made of high-density polyethylene material, and the middle is aluminum, which has the excellent performance of plastic and metal, and does not rust or pollute.

5. Environmental protection paint:

biological latex paint

6. Lighting protection:

This is a lighting system for the purpose of saving electric energy and protecting the environment. Through scientific lighting design, use efficient, safe and high-quality lighting electrical products to create a comfortable, economical and beneficial lighting environment.

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