What are the forms and characteristics of gear transmission?

As we all know, different equipment application industries have different transmission requirements, different ways of using gear transmission, and different requirements for gears. There are three main types of gear transmission. The following gear manufacturers will introduce them to you.


1. Belt transmission:

gear transmission series single-flow transmission system scheme; its characteristics are: simple structure, low initial cost, high efficiency, and the carrying capacity of the transmission is limited by the type and number of belts. Applicable to different scenarios: low-power mills that require low initial cost.

2. Gear transmission:

serial single-flow transmission system scheme; it is characterized by high efficiency, long service life, small size and high initial cost. Applicable scene: medium-sized mill.

3. Parallel confluence drive control system scheme;

it is characterized by low bearing load and high initial cost.

At present, the transmission control system is widely used in industrial robots, intelligent logistics and intelligent product packaging, as well as various automation industry related equipment. Internationally, the transmission gear device is developing in the direction of miniaturization, high speed and standardization. The application of special gears, the development of planetary gears, and the development of low-vibration and low-noise gears are the characteristics of gear design.


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