The cam pump:

is a multi-purpose two-way positive displacement pump manufactured with advanced technology, which is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, paper, paint, metallurgy and other industries. At present, the cam pumps produced in China are mainly metal lobe pumps, which are suitable for clean, particle-free and fiber-free media. The overall efficiency is not high. The particles and fibers are easy to cause the pump to get stuck, which increases maintenance costs and affects the normal operation of production.

The gear pump:

is a positive displacement rotary pump. Its working principle is that one driving gear in a pair of meshing gears is driven by the motor to rotate, and the other driven gear meshes with the driving gear and rotates. When the two teeth are gradually separated, the volume of the working space gradually increases, forming a partial vacuum, and the liquid is Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid is sucked through the suction pipe. The sucked liquid is squeezed and pushed out by the gear along the inner wall of the pump. When the main and driven gears rotate continuously, the pump continuously sucks in and discharges the liquid.


Gear pumps are generally used as metering pumps, with small handling but high lift. Dosage is easy to control. Rotary pumps are generally used to transport a large amount of liquid. They are characterized by wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and are especially suitable for transporting solid particles, fibrous media or strong corrosive, shear-sensitive or gas-containing media.

Generally speaking, the price of rotary lobe pump is higher.


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