At present, the tableware materials that replace foam plastics at home and abroad have the following four categories: paper tableware, degradable plastic tableware, plant fiber film plastic tableware and plant fiber bonded tableware.

Paper tableware: Using pulp as raw material for production, firstly, it will destroy green resources, and secondly, it will pollute the environment, with high production cost and poor performance. Even if the time is short, its performance and price are difficult to be accepted by consumers.

Degradable plastic tableware: It is a blended product of hot melt adhesive polymer and starch. The cost of raw materials is high, and a large amount of starch is consumed to waste resources. The decomposed particles penetrate into the soil and cause secondary pollution. Plant fiber film plastic tableware and plant fiber bonded tableware are tableware formed by hot pressing or bonding of straw, rice husk and other plant fibers with fillers and additives.

The production cost of film plastic is about higher than that of bonded tableware. However, the appearance is beautiful and plump, the hardness is high, and it is easier to meet the national standard. These two are the best substitutes for “white pollution”.

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